About Us

Company  Overview

Since its inception in 1998, Innovarc ( formerly Elbrus Distribution L.L.C. and Netlink Systems ) , was born out of a desire to be a market leading Specialist Distributor of Computer Hardware, independent of manufacturers. The desire to bridge the gap between the classic and the cutting –edge , between the timeless and the revolutionary , paved the way for AOUTEC & EDIFIER’s innovative products to simplify life and energize entertainment. Specializing in IT distribution, as its core competence, Innovarc has continuously redefined and broadened its portfolio of products and services to fully address the evolving needs of the techno community. Today it boasts of extensive array of products ranging from peripherals and communication and multimedia. Innovarc is committed to continue providing its valued partners and indirect market with solutions that command business growth, profitability and stability.


Goals and Objectives :

Is to operate and perform as a premier distributor in the ITCE industry , providing unsurpassed customer service , while achieving maximum profitability. Its CORE Strategy is built around FOCUS, REACH, and LEAVERAGE.


Values :

QUALITY, INNOVATION, INTEGRATION & RELIABILITY - the Four Pillars that Innovarc stands on

        Quality  -  Commitment to bring only the highest quality products to the distribution place.

        Innovation  - Investing vast resources into R & D to provide high performance and ease – of use products .

        Integration  - Understanding Consumer needs and bringing the most complete product lines to offer complete solutions

        Reliability -  Bringing the most advanced , ease – of – use and reliable products


By expanding service and product coverage across MEA, Innovarc mission is to establish a regional service network. Committed to Innovarc core values, the entire team of Corporate , Sales , and technical support team firmly stands behind this commitment of service .


Product  Portfolio :

Since our inception over two decades , we are now a market leading specialist independent distributor of Computer hardware for the digital world. Innovarc supplies product from major global brands as well as niche manufacturers that share our passion for quality and reliability. They include , but not limited to:




Product  Lines :

Innovarc General Trading L.L.C. is a distributor of high-end retail consumer electronic product which offers support in all significant channels including large to small consumer retailers, online merchants , and institutions.