AOUTEC / Mobile Accessories For Car / ABCT01

Description Technical Specification
Bluetooth Carkit with Charger and AUX-in Supports USB Disk and Micro SD Card
Wirelessly Transmit Phone Call From Bluethooth Mobile Phone  to The Car FM Stereo System.
                                                                                                     TRA Number : ER38474/15 
Strong and Elegant Design with LCD Screen Display
Switch to Handsfree Mode Automatically from Music Palying Status When Receiving Calls.
Flexible Metallic Hose Can Be Bended Adapted For Any Type of Autos
Draws Power From the Cigarette Socket in the Car (DC 12V/24V) 
With USB Output to Charge Other Devices ( DC 5V/1A)
Plays Other External Audio Sources With 3.5mm Cable
Supports USB Disk and Micro SD Card
With Remote Controller 
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