EDIFIER / Mutimedia Speaker / X120

Description Technical Specification
The new X-Series from Edifier is a bold new concept in design for the PC Gaming enthusiast, delivering phenomenal performance value for the price.
Unique styling compliments the rich deep bass and crystal clear highs that the latest games and videos demand, delivering drama that can be felt as well as heard! ,
Simple & Elegant 2.1 multimedia and gaming audio system- Front ported wooden subwoofer with 4" speaker driver for detailed bass response- Subwoofer side-mounted on/off, volume controls and 3.5mm audio in connector- Magnetically shielded speaker drivers
Total output Power: 8.5W RMS (2W x2 + 4.5W)
Tickets: Mini Plug 3.5 'Stereo
Controls: Volume control on the side panel.
Driver: 2.5 ", 4 Ohms
Woofer: 4 ", 6 Ohms.
Dimensions: Sub: 187x217x187 mm / Sat: 85x178x87 mm (AltxAnchxProf)
Magnetic protection
Input Impedance: 10K Ohms
Input Sensitivity: Sat: 350mV (+/- 50mV) / Sub: 250mV (+/- 50mV)
Weight: 2.3 KG
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