AOUTEC / 3D Virtual Headset / AVG-RC1

Description Technical Specification
Personal IMAX Feeling
Head Mounted Design Make it More Comfortable
Watching the 3D Videos/movies or playing 3d games without lense Adjustment
Augmented Reality With High Definition
Totally Enclosed Type Construction
Perfect Combination of Face and Frame
Controller :
Connect the controller to your mobile phone through bluetooth and control your mobiles without removing from the virtual headset. 
Allows you to play virtual reality games with high definition. 
Allows you to do change,forward,backward,play,pause the video.
(1) Mouse functionality(For Android Smart phone)
     The joystick act as a mouse,the START key Mouse left.SELECT key is Mouse right. 
 (2) Button functions for Music & Videos (Android & IOS)
      X is volume up , B is volume down;
      A is rewind(REW) , Y is fast forward(FF).
(3) Camera control
      IOS : Clicking x to take photo
      Android : Use the cursor to take photo
Wireless protocol : Bluetooth 3.0 combliant
Wireless Distance : 2 - 10 m
System support : Android/IOS/PC
CPU : Bk3231
Running Time : 20 - 40 Hours 
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