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The R2730DB by Edifier expands the Edifier Studio series with this monstrous, 2.0 system that creates three dimensional audio. The Edifier R2730DB speaker system is armed with optical, coaxial, RCA and auxiliary inputs that make it versatile for connection to multiple audio hosts simultaneously. The 136 watts of audio power creates deep, ground shaking bass from the 6 1/2 inch bass driver and clear treble and high notes from the 4 inch mid-range and ¾ inch tweeters. The wooden MDF housing keeps the speaker system thoroughly grounded for boisterous volumes whilst reducing acoustic resonance and feedback. With a wireless remote included, the R2730DB can easily switch between audio inputs and volume levels. The side-mounted adjustment panel allows users to tailor fit bass and treble preferences. The R2730DB is an iconic system, producing audio from low bass to high treble notes that is sure to impress even the extreme audiophile.
● Active bookshelf speaker with Bluetooth pairing capability for music playback
● Dual Digital (optical, coaxial), dual analogue (RCA) audio inputs and a bass output
● 6½ inch (178mm) bass driver, 4 inch (116mm) mid-range and ¾ inch (19mm) NdFeB tweeter drivers
● Calibrated, flared bass reflect port in front of the speaker cabinet
● Professional 5 pin XLR canon type speaker connecting cable with a right angle connector
● Class D amplifier system with Digital Signal Processing and electronic tone control technology
● Multi-functional wireless remote control and side panel control on active speaker
● All MDF wooden enclosures to minimize acoustic resonance
● Universal 100V-240V power supply
Total power output: RMS 14W × 2 (treble) + 14W × 2 (mid-range) + 40W × 2(bass) (DRC ON)
Signal to noise ratio: ≥85 dBA
Frequency response: 45Hz-20KHz(@+/-6db)
Input sensitivity: Line in 1: 700 mV ± 50 mV Line in 2: 500 mV ± 50 mV OPT/COX: 350mFFs ± 50mFFs
Input type: RCA/Bluetooth/Optical/Coaxial
Bass unit: 6½ inch (178mm)
Mid-range unit: 4 inch (116mm)
Treble unit: Φ19 mm silk dome tweeter
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